All the proof I need of god

When I was 9, we got our first printer and it never worked.

It would make sounds and then — nothing.

It turns out, we didn’t know how to set it up from within the computer settings. Only later did my uncle tell us the setting was set to “fax” and not “print”.

But in the meanwhile I just felt like the tech gods were against me. Like I was technology-cursed. Everyone else could print things, why couldn’t I!? WHY DO YOU MAKE SO MUCH SOUND WHEN I PRESS ON, BUT THEN NOTHING WHEN I CLICK PRINT?!

So I decided to pray. It was my only option, I had tried everything else.

I prayed to Mary, mother of God, of course, because she was a girl and the only one who could understand me.

“Please. Please dear Mary. Dear Mary, please print this Kid Pix picture. I JUST want to print this rainbow squiggly line and pink circle. Please prove to me that you can heal all. Hail Mary full of grace…”

And it printed.

It printed my Kid Pix picture – one time. Even though it was set to ‘Fax’.

It never worked again.

So ever since then I have believed in miracles.

And ever since then, the sound that the printer makes me feel the presence of a girl God who appreciates rainbow squiggles.

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