“the best running gag belongs to natural comedian Caroline Dooner” -Philly.com

“Caroline Dooner is terrific. The brogue, the stumbles, the scrunched face. (I look forward to seeing her again.)” -ValdesWrites.com

“the charmingly funny Scottish maid played by Caroline Dooner.” Broadway World

“Caroline Dooner shows real star quality as Philia; she has great stage presence and reveals a daffy comic flair (not to mention a gorgeous voice)” -Talkin’ Broadway





Bangless Headshot & Philly Resume

 This is the only video I have of me singing because I prefer to be shrouded in mystery.

We don’t sing until minute 2:30


Every few years, I tell myself I am quitting acting so I can focus on eating and sleeping and making money. And then I regret it and I un-quit and start the cycle all over again.

I am currently un-quit and doing lots of shows in Philadelphia. But as soon as I have nothing coming up, I will probably pretend to quit again.

You probably shouldn’t believe me.