The most important thing to know about me right now is that I’m resting. So I can’t do your thing.

I am also a performer and writer. I write about body image & anti-diet stuff at The Fuck It Diet, I run online workshops, and I have a podcast called The Fuck It Diet Radio.

I trained in musical theater, improv comedy, and different kinds of energetic and emotional healing and grounding work. Sort of like yoga and reiki, but not yoga and reiki.

I’m currently on hiatus from lots of things right now, because: #resting. I’m researching resting, by actively resting. I just don’t feel like going into a laundry list of all the many semi-successful and disparate creative pursuits I had up until recently, because what’s even the point. Right now all I want to do is touch trees and learn what they have to teach me.

You can follow me on Facebook,  Twitter, or Instagram. I tweet about bugs and god and resting, mostly.

You can contact me directly, but I probably won’t respond: