The most important thing to know about me right now is that I’m resting. So I can’t do your thing.

I write about eating, body image & the perils of diet-culture over at The Fuck It Diet, where I run online workshops, and have a podcast called The “F” It Diet Radio. These days I am spending a lot of time writing an official The Fuck It Diet book.

I trained in lots different kinds of energetic and emotional healing work. Sort of like yoga and reiki, but not yoga and reiki. (Except now I actually am training to teach yoga, but just in lieu of becoming a forest priestess.)

I’ve spent a good chunk of my life performing professionally, I lived in New York for ten years, got my BFA in musical theater at NYU, and trained in improv comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade — but right now all I want to do is drink coffee, write, watch TV, talk about tv, listen to music, and think about the idea of hiking. Basically, I’m resting.

Now I live in Philly in a cute and miniature house with a leaky chimney. One day I’ll have a cute dog and husband, but for now I only have plants that I can barely keep alive, and a neighbor who won’t let me grow vines on our shared trellis wall. (Come on, Rita.)

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