The most important thing to know about me right now is that I’m resting. So I can’t do your thing.

I write about eating, body image & diet-culture over at The Fuck It Diet, where I run online workshops and a podcast. The Fuck It Diet is meant for chronic dieters who want to stop fixating on food and body, and I’m currently working on the book.

I teach a lot of embodiment work – think yoga, but without the poses – or reiki, but not reiki. I trained in lots different kinds of energetic and emotional mind/body healing work.

I’ve spent a good chunk of my life performing professionally. I lived in New York for ten years, got my BFA in musical theater at NYU, and trained in improv comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade, performed one woman comedy and music stand-up shows, blah blah —

Now I live in Philly in a cute and miniature house with a leaky chimney. One day I’ll have a cute dog and a husband, but for now I only have plants that I can barely keep alive, and a neighbor who won’t let me grow vines on our shared trellis wall. (Come on, Rita.)

For the time being, all I want to do is drink coffee, write, watch TV, talk about TV, walk around, listen to music, and think about the idea of hiking.

Basically, I’m resting.

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